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PBC is committed to conducting high impact researches in biotechnology and transferring the scientific discoveries to biotech industry and to the society in general by translating them into economical values and benefits.

Research facilities and resources are of world class, and there are many research programs undergoing, some of which are expected to produce tangible outcomes in the near future.

POSTECH Biotech Center,having selected three core areas: Molecular Medicine, Plant Biotechnology,and Nano Biotechnology,is focusing its major resources on them with a goal in mind to grow into a world class research institute in biotech field.
Members of the Center are not only identifying new drug candidates by unveiling relevant proteins and genes,but developing new plants of high immunity for enhanced food supply and eco-friendly energy.
Also,application of nanotechnology for the early diagnosis of various diseases has been studied.
In each core research area, the research programs are designed for multidisciplinary and integrative efforts, focusing on strategic projects for the materialization of short-term success, innovative projects for creating major impacts on science and social benefits, and platform projects to provide a continuous pipeline of major technologies, some of which may grow into strategic projects for future growth.

PBC also manages Business Incubation Program to accelerate the application of the innovative technologies.